Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photo shoot at the Great Salt Lake

Lots of things to consider and make plans for when you have an upcoming high school graduating senior. One of those list items is graduation announcements. And though we had ordered the official and traditional Josten graduation announcements much earlier in the year, we needed pictures. So we turned to our very favorite photographer, Jon Woodbury....good friend and talented shutter-bug extraordinaire.

We decided on a day, time and place....and then watched as the weather decided to turn cold and windy. But Mother Nature stopped just short of rain so the shoot was still on. And really, those dark and ever-changing clouds in the background actually made for a neat backdrop...maybe making up for missing out on the sunset we were originally hoping for.

Originally Rebekah had been pining for Salt Flat shots. But those were quite a ways away and we were going to be short on time, so Jon suggested we meet at the Great Salt Lake, a location with a large variety of places to shoot, and even some that look Salt Flat-ish if we so desired. Rebekah was delighted, even if it ended up differently than what she had pictured.

It got pretty cold, pretty fast and along with that came freezing noses, toes and fingers. But Jon clearly has dealt with this before and had brought along hand warmers in his pack full of camera gear. Kind of hard to deal with little camera gadgets and gizmos when your fingers don't work. The wind picked up right at the end so we had to literally hold onto the light tripod so it didn't go blowing away like a kite...but Jon even cleverly worked the wind to his advantage to get some neat shots.

I think we're in for some really great pictures and I can't wait to see them after Jon finishes editing. But while we all wait for the big reveal, here's a sneak peak of what we were doing that night...and some general silliness as we tried to keep warm.

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