Monday, July 28, 2014

Slide the City

Say what? A 1000 foot waterslide running down Main Street in Salt Lake City? Really?
It warranted further research and a viewing of their promotional video.
But yes, a padded slip and slide running down Main Street from the Capitol Building down past the Conference Center and dead-ending at the stop light on North Temple leading to the Main Street Plaza.
Yep, yes and and a big ol' heck yeah! Count me in!

Bryan and Lilian opted out. (Lilian solely based on the fact that there was a height restriction and she fell a few inches beneath it. Story of her life.) Rebekah had a date for the slide and therefore went earlier in the day. But Brandon, Julianne and I headed downtown our swimsuits with inflatable tubes and squirt guns in tow to slide the city.

It was hot, hot, hot. And the lines were long. Apparently going earlier in the day would've been wise. So I found myself waiting the line in a crouch when I would get lightheaded, so as to not pass out. Summer heat. does a number on me. But hey, once on that slide, I cooled right off. And oh, what fun! I giggled all the way down.

A little bizarre to be standing around in a swimsuit, in the middle of Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City...with the temple as a backdrop, but hey...what an adventure, yes?

I got a kick out of watching all the well-dressed hordes of people heading to the Conference Center for the Tabernacle Choir concert. The surprised looks on their faces as they got closer, heard the blaring music and gazed up at that crazy water slide...and then when they all pulled out their cell phones to get pictures of the crazy, summer water party. It made me laugh.

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