Friday, June 6, 2014

Frozen birthday

I'm not one to throw my kids friend birthday parties every year. We celebrate, certainly. We make the day a big deal and do things as a family. But I tend to average only once every three years or so when it comes to festivities involving neighborhood friends. Lilian hadn't had a birthday party since her Rapunzel themed bash when she turned four. She was now turning was time.

I'm all about simple. That being said, I tend to go overboard once I'm excitedly in the middle of things. So the Rapunzel party, though I shamelessly copied every activity, decoration and game straight from a website I had found, was hugely time consuming. It was a hit, yes...but oh, I was exhausted when it was done. (Part of the reason I only put together parties every three years, maybe?)

So a good six months before Lilian's party I decided that I was going to hire my friend Katrina, who runs a princess party company, to come dressed as Belle or Ariel or a fairy of some sort...and sing songs and paint faces, as she does. How easy would that be? Other than cake and maybe one other activity, my planning was done!

But then, oh BUT THEN....Katrina added Elsa from "Frozen" to her repertoire. And despite the fact that all the little girls in the neighborhood were having "Frozen" themed parties we booked Elsa for a birthday visit. We wavered slightly as the date got near and considered having Katrina come as Ariel instead, just to be a little bit different. But then, oh BUT THEN....Katrina announced that for Frozen parties she had just added her niece as Anna who could then also accompany Elsa. Both Princesses Elsa AND Anna? Well, that was more wavering.  

Julianne helped me get decorations and activities planned and we of course, went a little more overboard than need be, but what else is new? It looked great and we had fun. And Lilian loved it, and that's what matters most, yes?

(Grandma came up to bring cousin Maddy to the party.)

The party went perfectly. Elsa and Anna sang songs....the "Frozen" ones, yes but also little snippets from their other "princess friends." They told stories, painted faces and nails, and basically made every little girl in that room feel like a million bucks. Lilian was in raptures. Heck, I was giddy!

After we said goodbye to Elsa and Anna (they had to head back to Arendelle and check on Christof and Olaf) we finished up our little craft....a sort of snow globe with glitter, snowflakes and Olaf pieces inside.
These three girls (Lauren, Julianne and Jessie) saved me. They were there at the ready to help out with anything I needed, especially when we were working on the craft. But I think mostly, they volunteered their help so willingly because they were just as jazzed as the little girlies to see Elsa and Anna...

Presents came next....

 And then cake and icecream...and of course, blue kool aid.

It was seriously an AWESOME party. Prep was more time consuming than I had anticipated, but that was my own fault. And it was still nowhere near as much as the Rapunzel party because really, Elsa and Anna did most of the work. I had parents sending me messages telling me how amazing their daughters' face paint was, how they couldn't stop chattering about Elsa and Anna and what fun they'd had. I'm so thankful it went so well. And I'm so incredibly indebted to my friend Katrina! What an amazingly talented lady she is!

Here's a clip of Katrina singing "Let It Go" at the party. She told the girls that she was going to start out singing on her own but that they should join her at the chorus. And oh, oh, oh! It was so ridiculously sweet that I had tears spring to my eyes.

Katrina's website....
For an extra special party, she's worth every penny...simply amazing.

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