Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Some of my favorite high school memories are wrapped around being in the school musical all three years there. I didn't ever really play anything more than just ensemble roles. In fact, I don't even think I had any kind of name or even a line until "Kismet" my senior year. But I loved every bit of the process...from the summer rehearsals learning the music and then spending long after school hours on stage learning blocking and choreography, to the tech and dress rehearsals and then the actual performances themselves. Good stuff, all of it.

The high school that my girls attend has a fairly high standard of excellence when it comes to music and theatre. Lots of talented kids all vying for spots in the various plays, musicals, choirs and performances. And unlike my high school where anyone who actually auditioned at least got a part in the ensemble in the big, main school musical....at Rebekah and Julianne's high school, this was not the case. Up until this past year only juniors and seniors were even allowed to audition. Things changed up a bit this year with a new director, which made it possible for sophomores to fight for a spot in the cast...but if anything, it made competition that much more stiff.

Rebekah and Julianne both auditioned. And glory be, when the list went up both of their names were on it! I was a very proud (and relieved) mama.

"Footloose" was the chosen musical for the year. A full on 80's show which made me feel just the slightest bit old as my daughters came to me for advice on costume pieces and hairstyles. And when they were instructed to find 80's formalwear for the Prom scene finale I already had two hideously lacy dresses in my closet that I myself had worn to Junior Prom and Senior Ball when I was in high school. The girls got complimented often on their very vintage 80's dresses and got a kick out telling people where they had come from...  

"Footloose," "Let's Hear It For the Boy," "Almost Paradise,"" Holding Out For a Hero,""I'm Free"....
I tell you what, it sure was fun hearing those songs again that were so popular during my high school days.

When Bryan caught sight of Rebekah in her white lacy dress he leaned over and said, "Hey...I think that dress looks kind of familiar!" It was the dress I wore on our first date to Junior Prom. Nice to know it made a big enough impression that he remembers...

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