Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Squats, ice cream and puppies

Things I've learned today....
And this is saying something since it's only a little bit past noon. Can you imagine what the rest of the day has in store for me in terms of little lessons?

Number one: If you decide to join a squat challenge, and if you choose to do those squats in what your husband says is the proper form (ie: "a** to the grass"...pardon my french) then when you do those 50 squats and then another 55 the next morning, your legs will not only be sore but then also very jello-like. And try as you might, you cannot wear wedge sandals...especially if you are trying to go down stairs. No matter how much you convince yourself to grin and bear it because you are a pro at fashion over comfort when it comes to shoes, regardless...it's just not possible. Because though you may be able to overcome the pain, you can't force your shaky knees to behave and you very likely will fall over.

Number two: If after eating a super nutritious lunch of salsa and chips you decide to just rinse out the salsa bowl rather than washing it throughly or getting a new bowl entirely, and then put vanilla ice cream in it....your ice cream is going to have a slight salsa-tinged taste to it. Which isn't too horrible, really. But good to know all the same if it's unseasonably hot outside (yes, 90 degrees in May, I'm talking to you....) and you're hoping for unsullied and pure vanilla ice cream.

Number three: (And this might just be a no-brainer) If three of your closest friends in the neighborhood all independent of each other bring home puppies within just a couple of weeks, you are going to get puppy-hungry. And you will waste all sorts of time on the computer looking up those breeds of puppies...havanese, cocker spaniel and labrador, respectively. And you will inundate your husband with phone calls and emails regarding said puppies and info on each. This all despite the fact that you know your husband is allergic to puppies. And knowing full well that having a puppy is like having a new baby that will thoroughly disrupt daily life as you know it. (But those little puppy eyes....oh my goodness, how can you resist?)

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Julie DeMille said...

2am puppy wailing. That's how you resist. Wanna borrow our puppy for a few nights?