Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rebekah at Girls Camp

Rebekah just got back from Girls Camp. I cried on my way home after dropping her off which really surprised me because she's been on trips without me before. Why was I being so emotional? I think it was partly because this was her first trip without any family...usually if she's on a trip without Bryan and me she's with her grandparents. I think, also, it was partly because I was a bit overwhelmed with the fact that she was even old enough to be able to go to Girls Camp. Anyhow, she had a wonderful time. She left Monday and came back Friday, after which she promptly fell asleep on my bed for the next 4 and 1/2 hours. She came home with lots of stories, braids in her hair, black fingernails (from polish, not dirt...girls take fingernail polish camping??) and plenty of dirty laundry. We are happy to have her back home and she is excitedly looking forward to next summer's camp.


MELISSA said...

yes the girls take fingernail polish to camp!! In fact, on our list for next year is to bring things to do pedicures. Won't that feel nice after the long hike?

The Snow's said...

Sarah, fun blog! How did you get an outline around your pictures? Did that come with your template? It looks really good! It is fun to be able to post pictures along with your wording.